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Vince DePersio

Vince DePersio


Since I was a teenager, I have always been fascinated with information technology. Throughout my life, I never lost that passion, but mostly just as a hobby. While serving in the U.S. Air Force, I continually expanded my experience in this realm. Although the IT world is often more stove piped, the breadth of my experience have enabled me to understand the "big picture" and know the details required to obtain it. In 2003, I designed my first website for the community of people I worked with. Afterwards, I continued to develop websites as a hobby for friends and family. Today, my goal for StratPoint Web Design and Hosting is to help people grow their business or organization by doing what I have always enjoyed. Life is about passion and this is mine.

Stefanie Babb

Stefanie Babb


Stefanie is a writer (technical, proposal, content, and more) and graduate from the University of Central Florida with degrees in History and Latin American Studies, and a minor in Spanish. While at UCF, she developed her skills by writing researched academic papers and blog style articles for an internship. After graduating, she worked as a Technical Writer for a defense contractor in which she wrote technical documentation, UX content, company blog posts and content for their websites. She is now a freelance writer that specializes in content writing and website copywriting. She works with a variety of clients to ensure that they are driving traffic to their websites and attracting the right individuals to their content. You can learn more about Stefanie at her website (stefaniebabb.com). 


Kelsey Mustra

UI/UX Designer

Kelsey is a UI/UX Designer and graduate from Florida State University with a Master of Science in Information Technology. She has a background in cognitive psychology and media communication studies, with a focus on user-centered design. Kelsey has been working with a defense contractor for several years. She is the designer for their SaaS platform, and her multi-talented skills also include conducting Quality Assurance. When she's not busy improving her programming and design skills, you can find her baking some tasty treats or listening to podcasts. Kelsey brings great talent and the latest approaches in website design, functionality, and flow by focusing on the human factors involved. You can learn more about Kelsey at her website (kmustra.com).